Arizona Harp 2.0 Loans and Lenders

From Phoenix to Flagstaff, if you are seeking the lowest cost, least stress, and lowest HARP 2.0 Loan Refinance rates, we are your trusted resource online. You can talk to your loan servicer to check if they will offer you a low cost, quick HARP refinance, but you will probably feel like a number.
Whether your lender is ChaseWells Fargo, Bank of America, or some other big time bank, they cannot gove you the personal service that you deserve when it comes to refinancing the biggest source of debt that you have. So many people could save thousands upon thousands of dollars on their mortgage loan if they would only take a few minutes out of their day and call or check with us online to see if they qualify for and can benefit from today’s historically low mortgage rates.

How to Qualify for a HARP 2.0 Loan

  1. First, be current on your mortgage for the last six months payments, twelve is better.
  2. Second, your mortgage loan has to be guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.
  3. Third, your home mortgage loan has to be granted after June, 2009.
  4. Finally, you have to benefit from getting a lower rate or a shorter term on your newly refinanced HARP Loan.Your lender may ask for a few more things to qualify, but according to the governmental guidelines, you don’t need income or asset verification and their is NO LTV limit, which means that you can be way underwater on your home (owing way more on your mortgage than you home is worth), and you can still qualify for a HARP refinance loan.

So don’t wait another day, call or email us today and let us start saving you money on your home mortgage now!

We service all areas of Arizona including the following:

Phoenix HARP Loan
Tucson HARP Loan
Mesa HARP Loan
Chandler HARP Loan
Glendale HARP Loan
Scottsdale HARP Loan
Gilbert HARP Loan
Tempe HARP Loan
Peoria HARP Loan
Surprise HARP Loan

If you’re facing foreclosure in AZ, check out the the AZ Foreclosure Information Booklet.